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Bucket Heaters

Powerblanket’s 5 gallon bucket heater blankets all come with temperature control options for optimal results.

It can be difficult to regulate temperatures of critical fluids such as food, water, industrial supplies and automotive fluids, especially when ambient temperatures are not regulated in 5-gallon buckets and pails. Extend the life and use of foods and materials by using an effective heating solution like bucket heaters from Powerblanket. This bucket and pail heater is also an excellent viscosity solution. Warm waxes, oils, and other products to improve flow. Effective bucket warmers eliminate waste and lower costs incurred from materials damaged by improper storage.

Unlike conventional insulated blankets and band heaters, Powerblanket has developed the best heat distribution solutions to heat buckets and pails evenly and consistently. Maintain optimal viscosity and flow, while avoiding burning and scorching. Along with many industrial applications, these bucket heaters have warmed water in a greenhouse, proofed bread dough, cultured, yogurt, and warmed soap oils. This is a versatile temperature control tool.

5 Gallon Bucket Heaters

Bucket and Pail Heaters