About RDI

20 Years of experience working in the lubricants industry created an environment for RDI Solutions to evolve as an industry leader specializing in bulk fluid storage, handling & dispensing packages for lubricants, oil DEF, diesel fuels.

Rob Isfeld
Robert Isfeld is the founder and president of RDI Solutions Inc.  With strong industry knowledge both technical and practical application, RDI quickly realized the need and opportunity that existed for containment and dispensing of products in efficient, cost effective method in the industry.  Aware that customers have different requirements for products, space and budgets.  RDI offers a wide range of products that will offer solutions to their needs. Tanks come in multiple sizes and formats. From stackable poly tanks, steel tanks, all with gravity feed systems or pump dispensing capabilities. Fluiall Stackable tanks allow the customer the ability to add on tanks and equipment as their business demands.

RDI Solutions distribution centre is strategically placed in Winnipeg, five hours from both it’s primary suppliers Fluidall and Graco.  Having the product stocked in Winnipeg allows orders shipped from Coast to Coast in 2-3 days’ ground.  All products are quoted in Canadian Dollars.  We pride ourselves in quick response to our customers.

The Goal of RDI is to service our customers and dealers from Coast to Coast in an efficient, cost effective manner.  Our success is built on reliable, honest service.