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Flo-Fast for DEF Professional Systems

The FLO-FAST Professional System for DEF was designed for diesel exhaust fluid transfer applications including but not limited to the Marine, ATV, Automotive, and Agricultural industries.

15 Gallon Flo-Fast for DEF Professional Systems15 Gallon Flo-Fast for DEF21 Gallon Flo-Fast for DEF Professional Systems7 gallon Flo-Fast for DEF Container10 gallon Flo-Fast for DEF Container15 gallon Flo-Fast for DEF Container

Pump or draw (siphon) up to 8 gallons per minute of DEF with the FLO-FAST DEF Pump. This system is easily transported with the purpose-built Versa Cart. The FLO-FAST DEF transfer system is incredibly durable, built to last, and will get the job done fast, safe, and easy.

Flo-Fast for DEF Professional Systems Transfer Benefits

  • Compatible With: Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol blends, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), Acids, Oil, Sodium, Solvent Based Fluids
  • Easy to Transport with the Versa Cart
  • Transport Single or Multiple Containers
  • High Strength Rotational Molded Containers
  • 3 Container Sizes (7.5, 10.5, and 15 Gallon Capacities)
  • FLO-FAST Pumps Fluid up to 8GPM
  • Extra Durable Composite Pump
  • Fits 15 and 55 Gallon Drums
  • Corrosion Resistant System

Pumps up to 8 gallons per minute

  • Pump offers double-seal technology that holds up with all types of fluids
  • Pump hose offers industry-leading safety tether which attaches to a vessel or vehicle to ensure hose stays in fluid opening, eliminating spillage
  • Container is dual handled for ease in transport, grip, and handling
  • Ultra-durable and long-lasting container is rotationally-molded which gives additional wall thickness throughout
  • Container has molded-in, female stainless steel insert, combined with male vent valve to provide ample airflow when utilizing the FLO-FAST DEF Pump

FLO-FAST for DEF Professional Systems Include:

  • Professional series DEF pump kit (8gpm), container cap, and main draw tube, handle, 5 feet of hose, relief spring, tether with plug and static line, and draw tube
  • DEF Container with caps, and stainless steel air vent valves
  • Versa Cart with foam-filled tires, eliminating any risk of the tires going flat, a heavy-duty, detachable load plate that is secured with pin and cotter key, and a telescoping handle, (2) wire forms that slide within the aluminum block, and a solid steel axle with 3 inch wide footplate- utilized to tip-back and set down your container