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Used Oil Containment

Waste Oil Storage Collection Systems and Equipment Trusted by Automotive Service Professionals

Our selection of used oil containment products are perfect for draining, transferring and evacuating motor oils and other automotive fluids.

RDI Solutions provides a range of dependable and affordable solutions for used oil containment, catering to the needs of automotive service professionals, and designed to meet your needs effectively. Trust in our equipment to provide reliable performance and ensure compliance with industry regulations, helping you maintain a clean and efficient workplace environment.

Designed specifically for the automotive sector, our waste oil tanks and mega funnels are ideal for draining and transferring motor oils, while minimizing the risk of spills and environmental contamination. With durable construction and robust materials, our used oil containment solutions offer long-term reliability, making them a trusted choice for automotive service facilities.

Roth Double Wall Tank Waste Oil Packages

Ideal for transferring used motor and gear oils

Capacities from 417 to 1,514 liters

The Roth Double Wall Tank Waste Oil Packages package includes necessary equipment for waste oil transfer

Oil Collection Tank Systems

Used Oil Collection Tank Systems455, 568, 1,040, 1,363, 1,893, 3,785 Liter Systems

Vented, Weather Resistant Double Wall Tank Design

Includes a Lockable Manway, Top Draw Quick-Connect Drain Coupling, Debris Strainer Basket

Fork Pockets on Select Collection Tank Capacities

IBC Tote Top Mega Funnel

IBC Tote Top Mega FunnelFits 48″ x 40″ IBC Totes

Features a Large Removable Metal Screen

Provides Storage Space for Pails, Drain Pans, and Oil Filters on Top

Hassle-Free Installation Process

Oil Filter Basin Tank

Oil Filter Basin TankIncludes a grill to empty your filters, and a downtube to empty the basin.