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IBC Tote-Top Mega Funnel

The Tote-Top Mega Funnel is an Efficient Solution That Transforms an IBC Tote into a Waste Oil Collection Tank

Constructed from durable HDPE, it prevents messy spills and simplifies cleanup.

Tote-Top Mega FunnelWaste Oil Funnel Fits IBC Totes

Featuring a large removable metal screen, the Tote-Top Mega Funnel filters out debris while allowing oil and fluids to drain directly into the tote. Its versatile design also provides storage space for pails, drain pans, and oil filters on top of the Mega Funnel while oils are being drained into the IBC, eliminating the need for extra storage areas.

With a weight of 30 lbs. and dimensions to fit 1,040 and 1,250 liter (275-gallon and 330-gallon) IBC totes, the Mega Funnel offers stability and reliability during fluid pouring. It streamlines the collection process while ensuring efficient fluid management in various applications.

The Mega Funnel is easy to install, designed to fit securely on top of an IBC tanks without the need for modifications or additional shop equipment, allowing for immediate use and minimizing downtime. It minimizes the risk of accidental messy spills, thereby protecting shop space and the surrounding environment.

IBC Mega Funnel Specifications

  • Constructed of HDPE
  • 30 lbs.
  • Fits 48″ x 40″ IBC Totes