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Bulk DEF Tanks and Mobile DEF Transfer Tanks

RDI offers quality DEF Tanks and Equipment packages for bulk diesel exhaust fluid storage and mobile def transfer tank solutions. Our DEF packages are ideal for many application in small garages, fast lube centers, large dealerships, fleet service facilities and heavy equipment maintenance facilities.
Bulk DEF Tanks and Mobile DEF Transfer Tanks

Fuel Boss DEF Transfer Tanks

Fuel Boss DEF Transfer TanksFuel Boss DEF Tanks are designed to transport and refill diesel exhaust fluid for multi-use applications. These refillable mobile solutions are available in capacities from 95 Litres to 379 Litres for transport and service in-field and on-the-road. Now available though our Direct Buy Program.

Heated & Unheated Steel DEF Transfer Tanks

Steel DEF Transfer TanksThe Heated Steel DEF Transfer Tanks are equipped with a 120 vac 475 watt heating system designed to prevent diesel exhaust fluid from freezing in minimum ambient conditions down to 40⁰F. Each 20 gallon, 60 gallon or 100 gallon steel DEF tank features a visible fluid monitoring strip that allows the operator to monitor DEF levels inside the tank.

Heavy Duty DEF Truck Bed Tank

DEF Truck Bed TankBoasting a 121 Litre capacity, the Heavy Duty DEF Truck Bed Tank can easily be positioned in a truckbed or on a trailer for filling of off and on-road vehicles and equipment. The rugged and complete DEF Truck Bed Tank arrived fully assembled to deliver your diesel exhaust fluid safely.

Portable DEF Storage Cart

95 Litre DEF Cart with Hand PumpDEF Storage Cart stores up to 95 Litres of DEF and is built on a steel frame with mobile casters for ease of dispensing DEF around the shop. Our cylindrical tank is transparent; a visual inventory can be checked. In addition the storage cart is refillable from bulk DEF storage, and includes metered and non-metered dispense options. Overall, the cart dimensions are24"W x 24"D x 38"H, and the tank measures 19"OD x 29"H with (1) 2" Draw and Fill Port. This system is shown with an optional hand pump and nozzle. Other DEF dispense options are available.

Flo-Fast for DEF Professional Systems

Flo-Fast for DEF Professional SystemsThe Flo-Fast for DEF Professional System was designed for a variety of fluid and fuel transfer applications including the Marine, ATV, Automotive, and Agricultural industries. Pump or draw up to 8GPM with the FLO-FAST pump. This DEF system offers is easily transported with the purpose-built Versa Cart. The FLO-FAST Cart Transfer System utilizes dual 7.5 gallon, 10.5 gallon or 15 gallon containers approved for the transfer and storage of diesel exhaust fluid. The transfer system is incredibly durable, built to last, and will get the job done fast, safe, and easy.

Island Friendly Gemrik DEF Shelter for Bulk DEF Storage

Gemrik Bulk DEF ShelterFully-equipped and climate-controlled, the Gemrik Bulk DEF Shelter is a fully heated and insulated island-friendly Bulk DEF System. All environmental factors considered, the pre-assembled DEF Shelters utilize all diesel exhaust fluid approved storage and dispense components, including a sealed Micro-Matic dispense and fill system. Available in 330, 660 or 990 gallon capacities, the DEF Shelters are prewired for 115V 15amp service and feature a forklift ready base, locking dual side doors and a locking DEF dispense equipment cabinet with a DEF pump, digital meter, stainless steel nozzle and delivery hose.

Double Walled DEF Cubes with DEF Dispensing Equipment

Double Walled Bulk DEF CubesDouble Walled DEF Cubes offer flexibility for dispensing diesel exhaust fluid in cold weather conditions. These advanced DEF storage systems are equipped with operator friendly features including a Pump, Meter, Hose Reel, Auto Nozzle, and Lockable Hinged Lid. DEF Cubes are available in 400 gallon, 660 gallon and 1,320 gallon capacities.

Northern DEF Packaged – Heated & Insulated Bulk DEF Fluid Storage and Dispense System

Northern Bulk DEF PackageSafely store and dispense 1,893 Litres to 11,356 Liters of Diesel Exhaust Fluid inside the insulated polyethylene DEF Tank, which is reinforced with an attractive blue 22oz Polyester encasement. The tank itself has a 2″ bulkhead and (2) QD valves. Equipment inside the lockable dispense stainless steel cabinet includes a ULC rated 115V Diaphragm Pump, Flow Meter, Hose Reel, Heater & Auto Thermostat, Digital Level Indicator, 2″ Camlock Fill, Stainless Steel Auto Nozzle, Overfill Alarm and Nozzle Holster. The Cabinet measures 24″W x 25″D x 48″H. It does require a 115V circuit and a 30 Amp dedicated breaker.

Eco Bulk DEF System (Optional Hose Reel Package)

Economy DEF PackageThe ECO DEF is a complete bulk storage and dispense system that arrives fully assembled and ready to use. This bulk DEF storage and dispense system includes the diesel exhaust fluid tank in capacities from 776 Litres to 5,678 Litres, the DEF pump, flow meter and automatic nozzle. The optional Hose Reel Package (shown) consists of the reel, 33′ hose, mounting bracket and all plumbing and hardware.