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Steel Tanks

Steel tanks serve as reliable storage solutions for bulk automotive style fluids and motor oils in various settings, including repair garages, fleet operations, farms, and agricultural sites.

Steel tanks are designed to withstand the demands of storing large quantities of fluids commonly used in automotive maintenance and agricultural machinery.

RDI Solutions offers a diverse selection of steel oil tanks, including aboveground, rectangular, square, stationary, and mobile tanks for oil storage and dispense. These tanks are designed to meet UL regulations, with many being UL listed for added assurance of quality and safety. Select options, such as the Slim Steel Tanks, and the Hybrid Double Wall Tank are configured for double-walled storage, providing flexibility and extra added security for oil storage and handling.

Mobile Steel Lube Carts

Mobile Steel Lube CartsFeatures fork pockets or casters for mobility

Transfer up to 4 fluids within the shop in one mobile lube cart

Each steel tank within the Lube Cart can be preassembled with optional dedicated dispense equipment

Hybrid Double Wall Lube Cart

Hybrid Double Wall Lube CartOffers the advantage of bulk fluid delivery

A practical alternative to fixed fluid storage tanks

Available with optional dispense equipment package from Graco, Samson and Fluidall Exclusive

Easily push the Hybrid Cart to the point-of-dispense

UL-142 Listed Slim Steel Oil Tanks

UL-142 Listed Slim Steel Oil TanksOil storage capacities from 120 to 1,000 gallons

UL-142 Tanks fit through doorways, into pits and bays, and along aisle ways

Available in single wall or double wall construction

Features multiple top openings and a fork lift skid channel, these tanks for easy tank fill and dispense

Single Wall Steel Tanks and Packages

Single Wall Steel Tanks are cost-effective for both new and used automotive fluids and motor oils.

Designed for easy installation, they are suitable for auto shops, service garages, farms or ranches.

Optional equipment and pump dispense packages are available.

Vertical Steel Tanks

Vertical Steel Tanks
609 and 800 Liter Capacity Tanks

Tanks include all components for gravity feed dispense.

Steel Bench Tank Packages

Steel Bench Tank Packages
The best choice when workspace is at a premium

Single fluid bench tank packages and split oil bench packages available

In addition to their durability and compliance with industry standards, RDI Solutions offers tanks equipped with fork pockets or casters, allowing for easy mobility and transportation. This makes them suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from automotive shops to industrial job sites.

In addition, RDI Solutions offers a variety of oil dispense equipment packages for their steel tanks, to customize a steel tank package according to your specifications. Whether it’s a basic dispensing setup or a more advanced system with additional features, RDI Solutions’ tanks can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each application.

RDI Solutions’ steel tanks provide a reliable and practical solution for the storage and dispense of motor oils and lubricants. With their durability, compliance with industry standards, and customizable options, steel tanks offer peace of mind and convenience for businesses across various industries. Whether you need a stationary tank for long-term storage or a mobile tank for around-the-shop applications, RDI Solutions has a steel tank option to suit your needs.