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ECO DEF – The Value Driven Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank

RDI’s Economy DEF Package is a Complete DEF Storage and Dispense System

ECO DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank

The Value Driven ECO DEF is a complete bulk storage and dispense system used for the safe storage and dispensing of DEF. This complete and fully assembled DEF system includes the diesel exhaust fluid tank to 1,500 gallon capacities, DEF pump, flow meter and automatic nozzle.

DEF Tank Capacity (Gallons) DEF Tank Diameter DEF Tank Height
205 32" 63"
325 36" 81"
500 46" 77"
850 54" 94"
1000 64" 81"
1100 60" 97"
1200 64" 97"
1500 64" 115"

ECO DEF Pump and Hose Reel Package

ECO DEF Hose Reel Package

The DEF Hose Reel Package is an optional package that consists of the reel, 33′ hose, mounting bracket and all plumbing and hardware, and is available with all DEF Eco Tank package. The optional DEF Hose Reel Package, part No. DEFECO33HRP, would arrive installed on the ECO DEF unit.