Portable Tanks

RDI Portable Storage Tanks are complete mobile solutions to transport your oil, DEF, Diesel, hydraulic fluids and other industrial fluids to remote service areas. Our portable tank solutions include multi-fluid systems designed on forklift skids and/or casters, and some of our poly tanks have a removable forkliftable poly pallet. And all of our portable tanks can be equipped with complete dispensing equipment.

RDI portable fluid storage and handling solutions range in storage capacities from 95 to 1500 Litres (25 to 400 Gallons), which are all customizable onto mobile bases and with dispense equipment.

681 Litre Mobile Tank on CastersCaster Wheels covert a stationary oil storage tank into a mobile dispenseing solution. RDI’s mobile oil tanks can simply be rolled to service multiple pits and bays for in-shop oil and lube applications. Just secure any size Tote-A-Lube bulk oil tank onto aportable steel base with 4"e; or 8" casters. Then configure the portable tank with dispense packages, other accessories including a forklift ready steel base to conveniently dispense oil, hydraulic fluids, DEF and other automotive fluids around the shop.

95 Litre Oil CartThe 95 Litre Oil Tank Storage Cart mobilizes oil, DEF and other specialty fluids. The cylindrical tank resides on a steel frame with mobile casters for ease of dispensing oil and fluids around your shop. The translucent cylindrical tank displays a visual inventory of fluid levels inside, and can be equipped with either metered and non-metered dispense options. The Oil Cart Dimensions are 24"W x 24"D x 38"H, with a 19"OD x 29"H cylindrical tank having one 2" Draw and Fill Port.

Two 265 Litre Tanks on SkidStore and handle multiple fluids in one mobile lubrication package. The 40" x 40" lube skid base fits into truck beds and ATVs. Stack and dispense multiple mobile tanks secured on a single lube skid configuration. This lube skid is compatible with the 35, 70 and 120 gallon capacity Tote-A-Lube oil storage tanks.

The mobile lube skid shown is equipped with a forkliftable steel base that features shelves for heavy duty dispense packages, including hose reel and dispense guns. Consider other accessories such as casters, pump packages with 50′ reels, and on-board filtration.

Steel Forkliftable BaseTote-A-Lube mobile storage tanks configured with a steel forklift-ready base are ideal solutions to transport DEF, oil and industrial fluids in-shop or around your farmstead with ease. Steel forklift bases are available in 32" and 42" footprints to mobilize all Tote-A-Lube oil tank capacities.