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New Products

Diesel and DEF Tanks

Display Rack for DEF TanksDEF and Diesel Storage and Dispense Packages are designed to transport and refill DEF or Diesel and are available in an several capacities and arrive fully assembled with all needed dispensing equipment.

Rack Tanks

Rack Tanks
Manufactured from UL Rated food-grade polyethylene, the space-saving 60 Litre / 15 Gallon capacity Rack Tanks feature a sloped bottom for efficient drainage dispense, a 2" angled fill port, and molded front inserts for inserting a placard and handles. The translucent tanks display interior fluid levels, and come standard with front and back aluminum handles and a 3/4" polyethylene valve.

Position multiple Rack Tanks onto the powder-coated steel bases or castered bases. They are well-suited to help organize fluid storage areas in warehouses and smaller operations. There is no drum tipping, no mess from pump cleaning and no replacement costs!

NEW 500 Litre / 130 Gallon Tanks


  • Stacks Four Bulk Fluids in a Single Footprint
  • Even Stronger
    A Steel Leg Brace and Horizontal Wall Strap Secure the Weight of Four Full 500 Litre Stacked Tanks
  • Even More Options
    T130 Tanks Have a 42” x 42” Footprint; Configure a System with Combined 500, 681, and 909 Litre Tote-A-Lube Tanks.
  • Tank Mount Dispense Packages into the Tanks Side Inserts
  • T130 Tanks Fit Through a 32” Doorway

Hybrid Double Wall Tanks

Hybrid Double Wall Tanks
Safely stores and handle up to three fluids, each over 400 Litre / 110 Gallon capacity. Added system benefits include rust resistance, built-in double walled secondary containment and dedicated dispense packages, all in one footprint! Hybrid Double Wall storage tanks are lighter and cleaner than traditional steel tank systems.

Attractive and rust-resistant, our Hybrid Double Wall Tanks have one exterior powder-coated aluminum tank which functions as an EPA Compliant secondary containment vessel. Inside the aluminum tank are up to 3 seamlessly blow-molded, high density polyethylene tanks. Each inner tank can store over 400 Litres and they are non-corrosive and leak-proof. The interior tank have zero fittings below the fluid line. They have (4) 2"NPT top openings which can utilize a dispense package consisting of a pump, reel and gun. (more options are available), fluid level gauges, lockable fill caps, and emergency vents. Each Hybrid Double Wall Tank system arrives pre-assembled, ready to be forklifted into the desired area, and ready to fill.