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Oil Drain Funnel

Safely Transfer Oil and Automotive Fluids with 4 Quart Oil Drain Funnel

10 inch Double Wall Tank Funnel10 inch Double Wall Tank FunnelOil Drain FunnelWide-Mouth Oil Funnel

The Oil Drain Funnel features a lockable lid and a removable filter screen to prevent debris from contaiminating fluids. It has a 10″ wide-mouth top diameter to collect waste oil and other fluids from both the drain plug and the filter port. The funnel’s wide mouth design allows for easy pouring and efficient fluid transfer. The funnel has a threaded bottom fitting 2″ tank bung holes.

Oil Drain Funnel Specifications:

  • Large 10" Top Opening
  • 2" Bottom Threaded Fitting
  • 8 1/2"H
  • 4 Qt. Capacity
  • Red & Black Color
  • Polypropylene Construction
  • 1 1/2"L Spout
  • 1.1 Lbs